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Is    programmer and burner the same thing? At first, I was confused by users. Later, I checked it on the Internet. It was actually a thing, but the name was different in different regions.
   burner is called programmer in mainland. Because Taiwan's semiconductor industry developed early, after arriving in the mainland, customers called it "programmer" because the English name is PROGRAMMER. This English name is the same as the general software programmer, so it is called "programmer". ".
   Burner can be divided into multi-function burner, mass production burner and special burner in function. The special type burner has the lowest price, and the applicable chip types are few, which is suitable for the programming needs of a certain type or a certain type of special chip, for example, only the PIC series needs to be programmed. The full-featured universal type can generally cover almost (but not all) the current chips that need to be programmed. Due to the cumbersome design, high cost, and limited sales, the final price is extremely high, suitable for the situation that requires programming of many kinds of chips.
For example: ISD1700 burner, he is aimed at ISD1700 full system voice chip, ISD1700 burner can be divided into multi-chip burner and single-chip copy machine, as well as: PM50 burner, PM60 burner, ISD3340 burner
The English name of the burner is PROGRAMMER, some people call it WRITER, and some people called BURNER earlier. This machine is used to burn [PROGRAM] a kind of IC called PROGRAMABLEIC, which can burn the CELL inside these ICs. [Cell] data, resulting in different functions. Most of the previous ICs were fixed-function ICs [DEDICATEDID]. Therefore, designers must use a variety of different fixed-function ICs when designing a circuit board. Many types of ICs need to be prepared. Since the emergence of burnable ICs, designers only need to prepare an IC to burn it into ICs with different functions, and the preparer only
  Just purchase an IC, it is convenient to prepare materials, but you must prepare a burner to burn it.
Today, with a large selection of programmable components, you can easily save millions of programs and data in FLASH/EPROM permanently, or cram hundreds of traditional digital components into a nail-sized CPLD /FPGA; can also turn the entire microcomputer into a single chip. As long as the R&D engineer is creative, it is possible to complete this thing that is now considered commonplace on his laboratory table.
Recall that in the early days of the rise of microprocessors, only some companies have the ability to open the hood, order a MASKROM or an ASIC, which in addition to the cost is expensive, but also bear a lot of risk and a lot of inventory pressure .
With the innovation of semiconductor manufacturers, there are components that can be programmed by users, such as non-volatile memory PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, FLASHEPROM, etc., which can store data. The capacity may be from a few Kbits to 2002. 1Gbits of goods. In the early days, digital circuits that could only be designed with TTL were gradually replaced by PLDs, from simple PAL to now millions of GATECOUNT CPLD/FPGA. Together with the tools provided by IC burner manufacturers, the ever-changing tools make the dream of "customizing ICs on the table" a reality.
Is the programmer and burner the same thing?
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