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  Now the online burning that integrates burning and testing has received more attention. In order to improve the efficiency of burning, usually some fixtures and burning tooling are made. Long wiring is required between the fixture, tooling and programmer, and the length of the wiring will affect the strength of the signal transmission. Generally speaking, the longer the wiring, the weaker the signal. When the signal is weak, the bad programming rate also increases. How to solve the problem of unstable programming process of the programmer?
  What to do if the programming chip is unstable
  First of all, increase the shielding layer to prevent electromagnetic interference; as a tool to maintain close communication with the programming chip, the programmer is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. The application environment for burning is generally a factory workshop, however, high-power equipment will make the electromagnetic interference more serious. In order to reduce the degree of interference as much as possible, you can add a shielding network to the programming line, or directly use a cable with a shielding function, such as: shielded network cable, cable, etc. In addition, it is best to wear static gloves during operation to prevent interference.
  The second is to choose a more conductive wire. Generally speaking, you should choose a thicker wire. The length, thickness and material of the wire will affect the complete signal of the signal transmission. Choosing a good wire can reduce the internal resistance and reduce the loss of the signal. Common copper wire, silver plated wire, gold plated wire, etc. are common.
  There is also a need to reduce the frequency of communication. Communication frequency is an important reference data for information transmission. The higher the frequency, the faster the transmission speed, but the signal will decrease as the frequency increases. Therefore, when the wiring is relatively long, the communication frequency can be appropriately reduced to increase the stability of the communication.
   In addition, you can connect a resistor to the signal line. The programming interface of some chips has weak driving ability. You can add a pull-down resistor to the interface to enhance the driving force. Of course, you can also choose a programmer with a strong driving ability. The driving ability of the programmer directly affects the length of the wiring. There are online programmers on the market that directly lead to the IO port of the internal control chip or the pin of the FPGA as the output of the programming signal. Input, if the driving ability is weak, the signal will be distorted when the wiring is relatively long, resulting in unstable programming. The processing method is to enhance the multi-channel signal, increase the drive capacity of the programmer, and solve the problem of too long wiring.
How to do if the programming chip is unstable
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