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  Why is the price of IC programming greatly different and different? Many ICs in the market have different prices, and there are several factors affecting it.
   1. Burning speed: The burning speed of the burner is also very important.
Second, the number of IC types supported: under normal circumstances, it is relatively better to support more types of burners, such as ElnecIC burning, as of March 15, 2011, the number of supported ICs exceeds 60,000 types, currently still Keep adding.
   III. Stability, the general European and American burner skills are sophisticated, and the function is stable. For example, the burner produced by ELNEC is appropriately stable and has a high market share;
4. Recognize the brand. In general, the ICIC burner/writer that is relatively well-known must pass the verification of the shopping mall, so the quality is relatively good. For example, the burner produced by Nanjing Silt has the longest time and the most sophisticated skills. , From the perspective of quality and brand is the best choice;
   Fifth, is it possible to develop consumables and other consumables and upgrade the number of IC support, with the update of IC chip varieties, the former burning seat is not suitable for use, and IC burning manufacturers are required to develop new burning seats.
Sixth, after-sales service: because of its professionalism, the burner has a large variety of consumables, and it is easy to come out with different questions. Therefore, after-sales is appropriate and important. Like ELNEC, there are professional sales and technical support teams in mainland China. .
   Seventh, the choice of burner should be based on the size of the chip to be burned, the amount, the amount of calculation, etc. to pick and choose a different burner, mass production is large and stable, can choose automatic burner.
Understand the main factors that affect the quality of IC programming
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