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  If there are shortcomings in the machine production, you must click "Pause" or press the emergency stop button on the page to ensure that the machine can be processed under continuous conditions:
   1. Nozzle can not suck up components
  Check if the equipment is connected to the air source
  Check the nozzle height, whether the nozzle is in contact with the component, assuming there is no, properly reduce the nozzle height
  Check whether the setting value of the barometer is the average value of the flashing values ​​when the nozzle is empty and the material is sucked
   2. Operating location burning NG
  Check if the orientation is accurate, and if there is any deviation between the components during picking and unloading.
  Assuming that the chip is put on, it will be NG, check the burner, and replace it if necessary.
  Assuming that all chips are burned to the same time NG, add the "system settings", under the operating position setting column, the maximum operating time.
   3. The chip can not be put down when feeding ---- Check the size of the blowing, add the blowing time in the system settings properly
   4. Empty film --- It is assumed that the empty film is displayed after burning. First check whether the burner is normal and whether there is a stacking condition on the burning work position. Assuming there is, set the setting value of the barometer.
   5. The machine can't move --- Under normal power-on condition, the machine can't initialize or return to the origin, check whether each sensor is normal, and whether the status of the sensor light is correct.
Understand the reasons and solutions of burning NG in the burner work position
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