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   Writer chip programming process is an important part of quality control, and it is also the part that most easily affects efficiency.
1. The program is prone to bad programming: In the manual programming process, because people are doing a repetitive work for a long time, they are most susceptible to the influence of the surrounding environment when they are tired, and often burn in the state of distraction Writing a program can easily cause the program to be removed from the programmer before the programming is completed, causing the program to be incompletely written. If the program is not found to be incompletely written in the subsequent functional testing process, it will cause a batch quality accident;
Second, the chips of the programming program and the unprogrammed program are easy to be confused: due to improper operation of the person, it is easy to mix the chips of the programming program and the non-programming program, mix them together, and paste them into the programming program and enter The next patch will not find problems until the FCT function testing process, but it has caused a lot of cost waste;
   Third, the efficiency is not high: manual writing is easy to cause high and low efficiency, human factors have a great impact, and the cost of personnel will gradually increase with the increase in wages, and the newcomer will start slowly after the loss of personnel.
Around 2008, Haier realized the impact of manual programming on the quality and efficiency loss caused by the loss of personnel during the large-scale programming of controller chip programs for household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. At the end of 2008, the company first adopted the Silter SUPERROT-I automatic programming device, which realized the conversion from manual to automatic, which solved the problems faced by manual programming very well, and introduced 6 in 2009 and 2010. A fully automatic (laser marking) writer device. From 36 people in the original white night shift to 12 people, the investment was recovered that year, and the economy, quality and efficiency were fully improved, because the equipment won a large number of customer orders from South Korea and Canada.
What are the precautions for the burner chip when programming the program
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