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  IC test socket is mainly used to check the open and short circuit of individual IC components and various circuit networks on the line, as well as analog device function and digital device logic function test.
  IC test stand is the function and performance index specified in the design specification can be fully achieved under the harsh environmental conditions during the test. It is a standard test equipment for testing the electrical performance and electrical connection of online components to check manufacturing defects and defective components.
  The IC test base adopts a manual clamshell structure and an automatic push-down structure, which is easy to operate; the IC pressure plate on the upper cover of the flip adopts a spring-press structure, which can automatically adjust the down pressure and ensure the uniform pressure of the IC.
  The special head-shaped protrusion of the probe can pierce the oxide layer of the solder ball, and the contact is reliable without damaging the solder ball. High-precision positioning grooves or guide holes ensure accurate positioning of the IC, high production efficiency, replaceable probes, easy maintenance, and low cost.
explains the performance and structural characteristics of the IC test stand
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