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PH-M100 (automatic)

PH-M series, equipped with 2 high-speed group programmers [MODEL408PH], fully automatic 16-port programming system.

PH-M100 is equipped with 2 group programmers MODEL408PH (8 writing), and supports 8 ports × 2 rows, a total of 16 ports program writing automatic Programming system. Through the integrated design of MODEL408PH and PH-M100, all operations can be carried out through the operation panel.

    • MODEL408PH

      It is equipped with 2 high-performance group programmers [MODEL408PH] specially used for automatic machine installation. Support ranges from small-capacity flash memory to large-capacity storage such as eMMC and NAND.

    • Automatic teaching

      Using a high-performance CCD camera, simple fine-tuning can be performed automatically. During automatic operation, the position of each device can be corrected and correctly inserted into the corresponding socket.

    • Tray configuration

      Can hold 20 JEDEC trays. Up to 20 sheets can be run continuously.

    • Simple marking function

      Support the use of pixel symbols and English letters together. (The number of characters is determined by the size of the device)

    • Operation screen

      In the task data, the program data, coordinate data, and mark data are managed uniformly. The software supports Japanese, English, Chinese. Barcodes are also supported.

Product specifications
Programmer MODEL408PH (8 jacks)×2 units
Communication USB2.0
Cache capacity Standard 256Gbit
Target device eMMC・eSD・GB-NAND・MoviNAND・i-NAND・NAND・OneNAND・Flash integrated microcontroller・NOR・etc
Run log Save each batch in text format
Object packet TSOP・SOP・BGA・QFP
Object socket Open top interface type
Equipment delivery X, Y, Z, θ 4-axis 2-phase pulse motor + belt drive
X, Y axis minimum resolution: 6μm/pulse
Z axis minimum resolution: 30μm/pulse
Θ axis minimum resolution: 0.18°/pulse
Equipment delivery capacity 900[UPH] UPH=Unit per Hour
※Except for pallet conveying and other action sequence
Coordinate registration method

X-Y, Theta coordinates: visually set with special chassis and special fixtures
Z coordinate: automatic teaching

Automatic positioning method

Original system using image processing

Image inspection function Automatically correct the conveying posture of the equipment through CCD camera image processing
Supply method Pallet rolling method (standard)/pipe (optional/under development)/belt type (optional/under development)
Target pallet: JEDEC (size: 315.8mmx135.8mm for automatic conveyance * Vacuum suction strip attached to the center position)/EIAJ
Capacity: 20 sheets; 20 sheets; 1 sheet for defective products; 3 sheets for empty tray buffer
Engraving (optional) Room temperature hardening type press strong adhesion ink + marking unit
Support pixel symbol, text mark
Device control Windows(R) 7
User interface LCD panel (optional for touch panel function), keyboard, mouse
Network support Ethernet
Model switching time 10 minutes or less ※However, ROM data transmission time is not included
Use air 0.4Mpa-0.5Mpa 50l/min ※Only dry air
Power supply ACIN: AC100V/ AC220V 50/60Hz 15A
Can be adjusted according to the installation site
Device size/weight (D)1000x(W)965x(H)1500(mm) about 400Kg
※Excluding protrusions, PCs, and displays
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